We live in an era where the things that used to take us hours and days to make or obtain , get delivered in minutes , never in history of humankind we had this much free-time on our hands until now . Yet we use every ounce of our energy to waste this much time  on watching TV and Pornography or playing video games ,doing drugs and weed . What a complete waste !!

So the real question we should ask ourselves “What should we do in our free-time?” .
To win in this game called life there is 4 things that you should do , and by doing those things you will feel something really different about the new “You” you just made out of yourself.

female runner


    This task is the crucial because of this much free-time we have we need energy to be Active . In old times most of the people spend their time laboring lifting things as for farming or creating tools in the the workshop. Now all our work requir us sitting behind our monitors and desktops, we aren’t getting the right amount of energy that we need. The studies have found that the ones who workout end up with more energy throughout the day, if you don’t have energy you will spend the majority of your time on effortless things like , watching Netflix or playing Video-Games. To exercise ,a simple Starting Strength is an ideal program to start with to improve your fitness and gain enough energy throughout your day



    I know you probably heard this a million times over , but hear me out . The stuffs that we learn in our schools are outdated , the majority of informations that we hear there we are never going to use it when we will graduate, that means the vast majority of people out there don’t know what they are doing  . The real knowledge as managing finances ,social skills ,dating ,fitness and diet are probably non existing among the population , and we can see a glimpse of a good thing in this for you , an easy way to climb to the top cause your competition is kind of SUCKS . A famous entrepreneur once said ” You can become an expert in any field just by reading three books on the subject” . By reading 3 books you will know more about a subject than 99% of the population

meditation meditating meditate


    Is one of the things that has been proven by hundreds times over to be extremely beneficial and nobody does it , but “WHY?” . Cause it is one of the most boring activities , you sit down and do nothing . There is a lot more to it , meditating actually trains your brain to what thoughts you want to focus on  and what thoughts to ignore . This one skill is crucial to becoming a happier person in life , and you will also have a mental energy throughout the day, it is so important that if you would ask me which one habit would change your life ,I would instantly reply “meditation” . Meditating for 10 min a day is more than enough to start reaping the benefits

passion hobby


    Passion/Hobby , it is in my strong belief that anybody has a passion that triggers the inner child in them , something that brings out a sort of excitement in you . Instead of dreading the time spent on it you kind of get lost in the exploration. The reason I listed this as the last task is , because the other three supplement your ability to work on your hobby or passion .
    READING give you knowledge to grow your passion
    MEDITATING gives you the headspace for creativity
    EXERCISING ultimately gives your body the energy to work on your hobby even after long days of works
    This hobby whether it would be dance ,art ,writing, creating your own Make a wish foundation, whatever it is , is your source of fulfillment, without it you won’t feel whole . you will feel as if something is missing in your life , and it is my strong belief if you work hard enough on  your hobby and own you craft , can be eventually source of income . Once you reach this stage your life will transform that one dread into one that excites you


That’s it guys in my opinion this 4 tasks are one of the important and absolute tasks that you need to focus on in your free-time


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